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14″ Ring Fill Light Plum Blossom Shaped Dimmable – Tripod 2.1 M

Use imported PC material, which is three times that of ordinary plastic, and the texture is thicker

Add a special diffuser, uniform surface fog, effectively soften the dazzling light directly emitted from the lamp beads, high light transmittance, high color rendering

The anti-glare design of the PC cover can be used with digital peripherals

Up and down double hot shoe design, can install mobile phone camera at the same time, video and photography can be synchronized at will

Stepless dimming, one-button color temperature design, further improve the overall grade of the product

0.2W double gold filament lamp beads, its brightness is 50% higher than ordinary lamp beads, heat generation is reduced by 50%, life is extended by 2 times, the color temperature is more stable, and the indicator is extremely high

The overall process of plastic parts is firm, good texture, and good quality

Original power adapter, stable quality, plug wire is made of copper


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