Baseus Photo Ring Flash Fill Light Led Lamp – 10”

Tripod with Baseus lighting

Made of durable and solid materials, the tripod with LED lighting is a perfect help in creating portraits, product photos or macrophotography. It will be a great idea to use it also when creating makeup. It is all thanks to the natural and bright color, which will complete facial details. The light is delicate and completely safe for eyes and skin. You can choose 10 inches of the ring, and three temperature hues will allow you to adjust it properly.
Natural glow

The LED lamp is flicker-free and enables long, trouble-free operation while maintaining efficiency. High quality light will light up your face without changing the contour. One tripod with Baseus lighting is able to replace several standard ones, giving a similar effect. The round shape makes the light distribute evenly. You can use the equipment both at home and outdoors.

Appropriate mode

The tripod is an excellent proposal for a beginner photographer or for a person recording vlogs, tutorials or TikTok videos. Three different temperature hues will allow you to adjust the right light shots. Carefully selected warm, natural and cold shades in a good tone will show everything you need. Strong, cool glow is designed to help with making up, presenting clothes and other items. The warm light is ideal for cooking tutorials because it makes the food more attractive and tasty. The mix of shades causes a natural color, suitable for live broadcast

Well-thought-out design


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