Children’s Umbrella – Pink

it is an umbrella which is uniquely designed with a base handle of a bottle. Umbrella with rose like handle can be creatively bottled in a stylish, compact base handle that resembles a bottle will have a lot. It is fun, light and easy to carry around, perfect for traveling and carrying in a purse, bag or vehicle. you can never have a bad hair day cause it prevents you from getting wet from the rain. You are sleekly and fashionably protected from sun and rain with this umbrella. the rose flower design is really attractive and will have people wondering if its a real rose or not!

Umbrellas are also portable, lightweight and easily moved around. They’re easy to transport from place to place, as well as affordable. Of course, prices can vary greatly, but for a reliable, durable umbrella it can often be bought for less than expected

3,000 3,500

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