Double Wall Shelf Glass With 13Amp Surge & TV Hanger

Do you know that many of fried/burned expensive electronics’ in many homes today is as a result of negligence on the part of the users failing to provide/buy a genuine Tv guard, surge sockets for

these appliances so as to protect them from High voltage, Spikes/surges, this device is very effective and protects photocopiers, Fax machines, LCD/LED displays and monitors, Televisions, Video and

Game consoles, Decoders, Mobile phone chargers, Laptop chargers, Desktop Computers, and all electrical appliances and equipment that apply power and voltage ratings within its specification.


The tv wall hanger comes with its complete accessories for the installation and gives amazing look and beautification to your parlor and sitting room.

2 Layer Level Wall Tempered Glass Shelf

The two-layer lever tempered tick glass wall shelf also comes with its accessories for the installation and add more beauty to your parlor and living room.


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