Garrett Hand-held Metal Detector Scanner

Garrett Super Scanner Ultimate Sensitivity: detects medium sized metal from 9″ distance, large knife from 6″,razor blades and box cutters from 3″ distance. Audible or Vibrating Alarm, Large 10″ scan surface for quick thorough scanning. It could be used in a company, some offices, warehouse, banks and any other institutions that requires adequate securities to when one comes in with a harmful objects.

The most important feature of the detector is its high sensitivity, allowing to scan at optimal distance, e.g. detecting from 25 cm, knife – 15 cm, razor blade – 7.5cm. If there are any objects in the vicinity which may cause interference with the device’s functioning, it is recommended to lower the sensitivity of the detector. By pressing just one button we can eliminate the interference caused by other metal items and perform a reliable scan. When a metal object is detected, a sound alarm, vibrations or red LED light is triggered. Additionally, once the device is turned on, the diode lights green and turns yellow when the battery is low.

The scanner was constructed not to require too much of the user’s attention, so it calibrates itself to proper values thanks to a special microprocessor. The construction itself was created in a very functional manner – handy grip, large surface of scanning and a wrist band make using the detector very comfortable. Additionally, the material of construction (ABS) complies with Mil-Std-810F standard, which guarantees damage resistance and durability. The best recommendation and proof of high quality is the fact that Garrett Super Scanner® V is frequently used by uniformed services, security agencies and private users.

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