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Homepod Mini Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Original Apple HomePod Mini Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Small but mighty the original Apple HomePod Mini Bluetooth speaker delivers sophisticated, engaging sound.

Compact design with a flat top is wrapped in a seamless fabric mesh chosen for its acoustic properties and its stylishness. It’s discreet and small enough to be placed in every room of the house and fill with rich 360 degrees audio that sounds great from every angle. On top of the HomePod Mini is a flat plastic touch-sensitive pad that you can use to invoke Siri, play or pause music, or adjust the volume.

Siri, your intelligent assistant, will help you with everyday tasks and have easy control over your smart home accessories so that everything stays private and secure. Just use your voice to check your calendar or the weather, hear your favorite song, set alarms, send and receive messages, make or take phone calls, and more. Everything you say will not be sent out of your home until you activate Siri, so your personal informa


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