Inpods 12 Tws Bluetooth Headset – Black

Twins Earphone with small size, super light weight. Ensure a secure and comfortable fit for any ear.

True high definition sound Equip with Bluetooth 4.2 and CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling technology to enjoy clear fidelity phone To use, press & hold the button for 3 seconds of either earbud & release after

the LED flashes between Red & Blue, Open mobile phone Bluetooth & search Headset, connect it, Pair the earphone with your mobile phone, it will be in standby status after pairing completed,

Blue LED flashes 5 seconds each time, Twins Pairing Press and hold the function button of the other earbud for 1s, release after LED flash in Red, two earphones will automatically be paired, LED

flashes in Blue after connected.


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