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Ringlight Lamp 10 Inchwith Tripod 2.1 M Make Up And Selfie Incl Bluetooth Remote Control

This LED round ring lamp, including a 200 cm high tripod (226 cm in total), is perfect for taking photos and videos.

Making a vlog with the correct lighting is no longer a challenge with this ring lamp. This gives you the right light for the perfect photo or video in any situation, including at night.

The ring lamp has high quality and many functions. This makes it suitable for many applications. Some of these features are the adjustable colors and brightness. This is easy to adjust by means of the remote control that comes with it. This makes the lamp suitable for everyone, also because of the easy USB connection. The contrast is easy to change to the desired brightness and the color of the ring lamp is also easy to set with the different positions.

This ring lamp has, unlike many other ring lamps, a large ring lamp (diameter of 26 cm). It can also be used when standing or sitting on a chair, thanks to the adjustable tripod. You can set the color by means of a remote control that is incorporated in the cord. The lamp has 3 light colors and a total of 10 levels of brightness of the lamp that you can choose from.

Various applications:

It is suitable for simply filling scenes with light.
Ideal for applying personal make-up, as well as for filming tutorials about make-up.
Can also be used for portrait photography, live shows, video chats, Youtube video recordings, live broadcasts, fashion advertisements, product advertisements.
Easy to use in a hair salon, beauty salon, tattoo shop, etc.


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