Screen Protector Glass For Nokia 2.3

Our case-friendly tempered glass screen protector is highly durable and scratch-resistant,this strong 9H (Hardness Level) tempered glass will give your device the best protection against drops,bumps,scratches and normal wear and tear.Our protector has ultra-light weight to allow for a delicate touch without any bulk,which also promises not to interfere with the sensitivity of your touchscreen.All of our protectors are designed to be 99.99% transparent to promote an optimal,natural,crystal clear viewing experience.
Installation Steps
1.Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and to clean fingerprints and smudges on the screen with the wet alcohol prep pad and the micro-fiber cloth.Dust-absorber will be used if the screen sticked with things harded to wipe.
2.Make sure not to touch the adhesive glue on sides with your fingers. Remove the protective mask film from the screen protector.
3.Carefully align the glass with the edges and cutouts of the screen and slowly begin the application process.Hold onto the glass by the sides and place it onto the surface of the screen.
4.Swipe up and down the middle of the protector and press the edges of the screen protector to adhere the device.

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