Tripod Stand + Phone Selfie Ring Light + 3.5mm Lapel Mic And Bluetooth Shutter

Clip Collar 3.5Mm Jack Microphone with 3110 Tripod,Cell Phone Camera Holder The highest working height: 1020mm Minimum working height: 350mm Diameter: 16.8mm This tripod for the all-aluminum design, easy to carry lightweight, digital cameras, cameras, binoculars, fishing lights can be universal, stent selection of more durable material, anti-twisting, corrosion resistance, and after special surface treatment, through Strict inspection made, light and sturdy, easy to carry, and able to adapt to the harsh environment of complex terrain. model: 3110 Color: Silver+black Material: Aluminum alloy Shrinkage size: 36 * 8 * 8cm.

9,000 10,000

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