TWS Pro 5s Wireless Earbud 2021 – White

These earphones are for people who enjoy freedom of movement. They are easy to handle and give you the freedom to move as long as you are within range. Light and compact enough for the gym without sacrificing on audio quality, in-ear headphones are perfect for more or less every situation you can think of throwing at them running, biking, hiking or simply walking around town. The sound that these earphones output is of top-notch quality in terms of accuracy and enjoyability. With a defined bass and a treble that does not overpower the mids, these earphones give you a fully-balanced audio experience.

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Bluetooth solution: Jerry 6963

Bluetooth version: 5.0 [Binaural Call]

Power consumption: 11m (low power consumption)

Bluetooth transmission distance: 15m

Battery capacity: left / right 25

Standby time: 100 h

Talk time: 1.5 hours

Music time: 2.5 hours

Charging time: 1 hour

Charger capacity: 220mAh with protective plate Horn: sound of real copper ring


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