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Wireless Microphone Portable Audio Video Recording Mic For Iphone Lightning

1. Built-in long-lasting battery life, long-term use of uninterruptible power, built-in 80mAh battery, long-lasting battery life for 10 hours, short video recording, live recording, unrestrained, easy to deal with various noisy environments, worry-free shooting, to meet your needs for a day.
2, 20 meters barrier-free connection recording, more liberty and high performance, wireless microphone, stable signal, barrier-free distance of more than 20 meters, free recording is not limited.
3. Intelligent noise reduction, built-in decoding chip, built-in noise reduction chip, strong anti-interference ability, effective identification of the original sound, can still record clearly in a noisy environment.
4. No dead-angle pickup, high-density anti-spray sponge, high-sensitivity microphone, fast response, delicate sound, reduce the interference of the surrounding environment, and record every detail of the sound.
5. Get rid of wire constraints, automatic pairing, plug and play, plug into the receiver when power on, and then automatically connect.
6. Wireless lavalier microphone, easy to wear, stable signal and clear reception, easy to record high-quality audio.


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