DMarc Fridge Guard 13amp +TV/Audio-Guard 13amp+ Ac Guard Avs 15amps

FRIDGE GUARD ,Surge Protector – Fridge Guard
Light indicators “Off, Wait, On”,Protects fridges, freezers, coolers all up to 5 Amps maximum.Protect fridges from under voltage and power back surges.Eliminates the need to switch Off and On appliances all the time,It automatically disconnects power when it surges dangerously
TV/AUDIO SYSTEMS GUARD With this D-Marc Tv/DVD Guard, your TV and DVD are safe from power fluctuations that usually damages both sets.Protect your home and office appliances from voltage fluctuations. This 220/240 volts guard will let you get the best from you appliances. It has a wait time of up to 30 seconds, this will help provide top notch protection to your appliances. With a current rating of 5Amps, you will enjoy your electronics and get great value for your money.
This AC-GUARD AVS 15AMPs ,offers affordable protection to a wide-range of appliances. Most especially your AC,It protects from Power Fluctuations, Surges, Sags and Power back Surges, keeping appliances safe. It also eliminates the need to turn off your appliances everytime there is a power surge. voltage capability is 3000w with a wait time of 10seconds.

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