Mosquito Killer Lamp Electric Shock & Rechargeable With Dual Mode Function

ULTIMATE Mosquito Killer Lamp – Electric Shock, Rechargeable

This is the Mosquito killer that Kills Mosquitoes instantly, it is not a Mosquito Trap. The product uses an LED light source, produces the mosquito attracting 365 nano-meter light wave wave-length, induces the mosquito close to the light source, Instant Electric Shock Death, physical mosquito control, non-toxic smokeless, tasteless, no radiation.

For the first time use, Please USE IT CONTINUOUSLY FOR 3-5 DAYS. During the day please close the doors and windows and keep it dark in the bedroom to eliminate mosquitoes ( because there are more mosquitoes in these areas).

Do not keep in front of a Fan or Air- Condition

Turn off all other lights to allow the light from the Mosquito Lamp to attract the Mosquitoes and KILL THEM


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