Multifunctional Car Mp3 Player Bluetooth Hand-free Receiver – Black

1. Support bluetooth calling/bluetooth music transmission/call number, etc.
2. Support functions of TF card /U disk player and card reader, and support MP3/WMA format music.
3. Dual USB charging port 2.1a, suitable for charging all mobile phones and handheld electronic devices.
4.1.3 inch LED dot matrix display frequency point, file name and working status information.
5. Support one-click menu setting language, play mode and sound mode.
6. Support memory and folder playback without power.
AUX input/output function for auto voltage display.
8. One-button switch, pause, answer/hang up/up button and other functions.
9.FM transmission frequency is 87.5-108.0MHZ.

6,990 7,500

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1. Dual USB interface design, to meet the main driver and sub-driver two devices charging at the same time, dual-port simultaneous output up to 2.1A, fast charging saves time.
2.1.3 inch LED large screen, rich display content, boot display voltage, can display frequency file name and working status.
3. With 4.0+EDR Bluetooth chip, it can transmit high-bit-rate music signals at high speed and establish connections quickly.
4. Not only can you enjoy good music simply and quickly through frequency playing, but also support the familiar way of listening to music. With the help of a 3.5mm audio line, you can connect the car audio through AUX external playing mode, and play music at any time.
5. Auto battery voltage detection, so that your battery health in their own hands.
6. Connect Bluetooth with mobile phone after adjusting the frequency. Open APP mobile map after success, and broadcast it on mobile phone.
7. Support TF card/U disc music playback, car radio frequency and equipment FM frequency tuned to the same, you can play music.
8. One-button access, Bluetooth hands-free. Cut songs, adjust the volume, answer and hang up the phone, just one click, convenient and comfortable.
9. Power-off memory playback, boot-up automatic link-back, memory frequency, track power-off restart, from the disconnected song began to play. (Must shut down normally to start the power-off memory function, Many drivers prefer to take their lighters straight out, which is wrong, so there is no power-off memory.)
10. Wireless binding, Plug and Play. It avoids fixing trouble and 180 degree rotation and saves space and is convenient to use.

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